ELFKINS Communications Robot

ELFKINS Communications Robot Details

ELFKINS Communications Robot

The smart toy that enables safe, screen-free communication between children and their loved ones.

Currently only compatible with iPhone 5 or newer

MSRP $149.99

Now Available!

Animated Messaging

Record your message & make it come alive with ELFKINS animations, gestures and emotions. Capture a child’s imagination and hold their attention.

Remote Control

Have fun with your ELFKINS robot even before you receive your first message. At the push of a button your child can control a variety of gestures and animations.

ELFKINS Family Circle

Your child’s first social network where they can actually participate in group messaging with your Family Circle that you define. Share photos and all the moments in a child’s life, big and small.


ELFKINS has a long lasting rechargeable battery and is connected to your wifi network so your child can bring the fun with them throughout your home!

Kid-to-Kid Messaging

Two children with ELFKINS can send messages to each other with prior parental or administrator approval. Watch as your children develop their social and communication skills!

Security & Parental Control

All ELFKINS connections must be invited or approved by the administrator. Parents can also set do-not-disturb periods, wifi networks and volume directly from the ELFKINS app. All your messages are encrypted for security.

ELFKINS Activities

Creative templates created by our team of children’s authors and development specialists. These provide entertainment and learning opportunities for adults and children to share. They spark creative expression and imagination.

Smart Device (Updates)

Since ELFKINS are smart devices that are connected to the Internet we can constantly improve the user experience, add new content and deliver new and exciting new features.


Size & Weight

Height (off base): 9.25“
Width (off base): 9.65”
Height (on base): 10”

In the Box (1 ELFKINS)

1 ELFKINS Communications Robot
1 Charging base
1 AC adapter


ELFKINS App supports iPhone 5, 5 Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus
Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n (not compatible with 5 GHz)
Working broadband internet connection